We are a knowledge company within fire. We assist private and public building owners / managers with fire technical review / upgrading the passive fire protection and photoluminescent guidance system.

Fire Sealing

It is a requirement that cables, pipes, ducts and the like should not weaken the fire resistance of both new and existing buildings. Therefore one must perform fire sealing where installations crosses or passes through fire-rated constructions. Fire sealing prevents the spread of fire and smoke from a fire cell or fire section to another within the time specified by fire concept for the building. It is important that a voter-approved products to the desired objectives, and that it will make a documentation after that satisfy the Financial Regulator requirements.
As a result of demands for functionality in buildings will at all times be carried out structural changes, which also from time to time require fire safety upgrades. To keep security at an acceptable level, it is recommended to carry out regular checks and inspections. This also means that the financial investments are better safeguarded.
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Fire Insulation

Fire insulation of steel or concrete, done that carrying capacity will be maintained even under fire. This can be done in several ways either by means of isolation, hard discs or fire paint that is fitted as a shield around the steel or concrete. One can then prevent the building from collapsing under fire in the time specified by fire concept for the building. There are many factors that influence which product one should choose as fire requirements, steel thickness, reinforcement cover etc.
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Fire Guidance

Guidance System is a tool to speed up the evacuation this to ensure that as many people as possible come unharmed from an escape situation. One way to create a guidance system is to use photoluminescent signs and guide lines as being «charged» of applied light which in turn allows them to «glow in the dark» and show the way out if visibility is poor because of such smoke. It is carried out many experiments show that the use of photoluminescent guidance system is fully effect to reduce evacuation time.
Norwegian Standard has established criteria for how long the sign will light after charging the light has disappeared, the standard also says something about how the sign / lines will be installed. This is done to help the building owner / manager to ensure that one gets a system that works in time as fire concept describes as necessary escape time.

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